DIT Linenhall – Foyer gallery space

DIT Linenhall was until recently exclusively the site of the Institute’s School of Construction Trades.  The new Foyer gallery and approach illustrated here is for the newly established Schools of Architecture and Construction which concludes a process of transferring the School of Architecture facilities from DIT Bolton Street to DIT Linenhall.  This process was undertaken in tranches over five years and has involved several design teams and building contractors.  The interior of the existing building was completely altered to accommodate the conjoined facilities and the most recent work has been designed by DMOD Architects to ensure the highest possible standards of safety, accessibility and energy conservation.DIT Linenhall consists of a warren of studios, workshops and offices.  The recent works have established a spatial coherence at ground floor level by means of a redefined central axis from Foyer gallery to cafeteria and a secondary parallel axis for general servicing.  The new Foyer gallery accommodates staff/student critiques and offers a front of house opportunity to display the work of the students.  The DMOD Architects design is conceived as an educational Conservatory and attempts to achieve ‘grey box’ functionality while exposing the constituent elements of construction as a type of building pedagogy – the building structures and services are made explicit and celebrated.  The new Foyer gallery and approach presents a fresh face for the School while maintaining daylight and natural ventilation to the existing workshops behind.View project