Taney Village Nursing & Retirement Home

Taney Village was designed to offer a continuum of housing options for the older person. Sheltered housing will be provided in 1 and 2 bedroom units for independent living, assisted living clusters, long term nursing facilities and high dependency units will be provided within the nursing home. In addition, social amenities including recreation rooms, a restaurant and coffee shop, internet cafe, hair salon, library and a contemplative space will be provided for both residents and visitors. Although there are examples of retirement communities in other countries that follow this model, Taney Village will be the first of its type to be introduced into Ireland. The emphasis is on creating a high quality environment with a community atmosphere, where the welfare and dignity of the occupier is foremost.

The facility is designed in an established verdant setting, with both mature deciduous and evergreen trees creating a backdrop for the predominantly 4 storey development. Providing good orientation to living spaces within the development and creating considered external spaces, significantly informed the overall design approach.